Mantua arouses emotions and amazement in those who, today, admire its profile, unreal, suspended between sky and water, as it has thrilled the illustrious authors of every era, Virgilio, Dante, Shakeaspeare, Verdi and D’Annunzio … Passionate loves intertwined in its alleys, streets, palaces and on the shores of the lakes, leaving traces, real or imaginary, of their presence.
In the magical places of this city you may find: loves and passions in the splendor of the Gonzaga court, the nostalgic love of Romeo estranged from his Juliet and the love that crosses the centuries sealed in the last embrace of the lovers of Valdaro. Today, therefore, Mantua proposes itself as the most romantic city in the world where you can fall in love and swear endless love.
“Mantua is the most romantic city in the world”

A. Huxley